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Three-Level Training

Volunteer cancer patient navigators have the opportunity to change a client’s cancer journey for the better in many different ways. Here at AHSC our goal is to start with two levels of cancer patient navigators with a plan for a level three navigator training.

Level One Volunteer Cancer Patient Navigator:

This category of volunteer generally has less experience with cancer patients. These volunteers will manage the cancer resource library at the AHSC. In the cancer resource library there will be a computer with internet and a printer for clients to print resources that are not available to them in the library. The volunteer must have enough knowledge about cancer to assist these clients with finding the resources they need.

Level Two Volunteer Cancer Patient Navigator:

This category of volunteer generally has a background in treating cancer patients. This volunteer is going to be an emotional support person for the client. They will aid in preparing cancer support groups. This volunteer is providing a companionship with the cancer client.

Level Three Volunteer Cancer Patient Navigator:

Our plan is to provide cancer clients with a volunteer navigator that will be able to attend doctor’s appointments with them as a support person, assist them in scheduling doctor’s visits, provide transportation to the grocery store and cancer related appointments as needed. This part of the program is still in the works. We intend to open this part of the program in the near future.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a volunteer cancer patient navigator certificate.