Asian Cancer Resource & Support Services (ACRSS)
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AHSC has been providing medical and mental health care and social services to the Asian communities in Portland Metro area since 1983. Its mission is to be a bridge between Asian and American culture to build a harmonious society. All programs are driven by the vision of reducing health care inequality and to improve health care quality to all Asian. Currently it is serving over 17,000 clients, mostly dis-advantaged Asian-American in the Tri-County region. In 2007, AHSC expanded is scope of service to include breast cancer care services, funded by Komen (2004-2011), Avon (2007-2012), and ACS (2008-2010) among others. Since 2013, AHSC is a contractor with ScreenWise, the State breast cancer and cervical screening program.

In February 2019, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute awarded AHSC funding for a Tier 3 grant to implement and evaluate an Asian-focused patient navigator program. In August 2019, the Collins Foundation awarded AHSC a three-year grant to Launch Oregon’s first Asian Cancer Resource and Support Center (ACRSS).

Milestone of AHSC cancer care programs: