Asian Cancer Resource & Support Services (ACRSS)
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Many Asian-Americans, especially new immigrants, inflicted with cancer face the additional challenges of finding information about their illness. ACRSS aims to provide education resources in their languages of Chinese, Vietnamese and Korea in addition to English to fill this need. Resources include:

  • Cancer resource library maintains a good collection of self-help books and reading material about cancer awareness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after-treatment support
  • Cancer health education workshops (Provide links here or other appropriate areas to additional information if available, or add in downstream as the web site continued to evolve.)
  • Staff/volunteers to help patient connect to education resources in the community ACRSS Health Talks
  • ACRSS Health Talks YouTube Videos

Health Talks

A collection of insightful presentations regarding cancer health and treatments!
ACRSS Health Talk: Benefits of Positive Family Relationship in Cancer Treatment
Nutrition: Porridge with shiitake mushrooms and bok choy